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Michelle A. Mourre, BSN, RN, CCRN
Founder & Owner of Texas Nurse Advocate.  Michelle has been a  registered intensive care nurse for 20 years and maintains a current RN license with the State of Texas Board of Nursing.  Michelle received certification in Critical Care through the American Association of Critical Care Nursing in 1996 and maintains her certification today.  Michelle has       
About Texas Nurse Advocate
Texas Nurse Advocate was realized after having witnessed, daily, a lack of preparedness and the need for education, reassurance and assistance, and most of all, acceptance in dealing with the health care needs now and in the future for any individual, but especially for those suffering with chronic illness or terminal disease. 

The hospital experience can potentially be very confusing, overwhelming and complex.  Mix into that the emotions and feelings of panic or grief of the family member who is to make important life decisions that are difficult, if not impossible, to make and the whole situation becomes completely overwhelming.  This is why there is such a need for private patient advocacy and Texas Nurse Advocate.
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TNA is committed to helping educate patients and their families!
extensive experience in Trauma, Medical, Surgical, Neurological and Cardiac intensive care. In her many years of bedside nursing, she has witnessed many changes associated with caring for a hospitalized patient. Changes in technology, documentation, health care practices and health care systems have all either positively or negatively affected patient care. Michelle has recognized the resulting confusion displayed by the patient and/or family at the bedside, the inconsistency of information provided by the many involved caregivers and the diminishing nursing care. This is what has inspired the development of Texas Nurse Advocate and to bring forth the opportunity for many to have a private patient advocate there to assist them.